Determine Your Needs

We offer a variety of proven engine platforms for various class events. Once you have determined your budget and power needs we will begin with your build.


We offer EVERY machining operation in house with the exception of crankshaft grinding. There are great companies that specialize exclusively in crankshafts and we trust them for the best products available.


The BAE Hemi is no doubt the strongest and most reliable platform for the serious racer. With power potential beyond  the 5,000 HP mark we utilize this Hemi for the ultimate extreme duty forced induction engine.


We offer a variety of crankshafts for every budget though we prefer billet pieces for the best reliability at high power levels.


The LS series engine has proven to be a popular unit within the streetcar community. This is an excellent choice for the racer seeking  500 to 2200 HP for GM or exotic applications.



Quality and Precision

Racing Engines

We specialize in every process of your racing engine build. We have proven our capabilities in standard dimension/valve angle American V-8 engines up to 3,500 + HP

Diesel Engines

We offer custom diesel engines for many applications. Every diesel engine that comes from our facility is 100% machined and built in house with top tier reliability

Custom machining

We weld and repair blocks/heads, piston dome profiling/valve relieving, cylinder head and intake manifold porting, counter bores, sleeves, line boring. Complete engine and cylinder head building/modification.  

Custom Roll Cages

Drag Racing cages/tube chassis (to SFI 25.2) Baja/off-road truck cages. Rock Bouncer chassis. Custom CAD 3-D cage and tubing program.100% guaranteed to certify under any sanctioning body

Racing Parts Sales

We offer a tremendous variety of quality racing parts for nearly every budget. If we do not have a specific part in stock we can have it next day in most cases

Custom Built Products

We have the ability to make many custom products and carry a wide variety of materials e.g. titanium, 6061-T6, 4130, 4140. We recently purchased tooling to produce pulleys for nearly every supercharger. Call for details