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We offer complete precision machine shop services for drag racing engines, exotic engines, motorsports and industrial applications.

About Us


Over 20 years of performance engineering experience building some of the fastest/most powerful vehicles in America. We specialize in custom engine building, machining and tuning.  We tune gas, alcohol and nitro fuels. Our machinist and lead engine builder, coupled with our facility, give us the ability to perform specialized racing engine services that are not available anywhere else in the region. 

Services Offered

We provide all aspects of engine building and machining. We provide custom ECM tuning for many applications as well (call for details). We build NHRA legal chassis and roll cages that meet all current SFI certifications. We also offer standard automotive repair and maintenance for anyone (you don't need a performance vehicle)

Most Capable Facility In The Region

We perform all aspects of the build IN HOUSE! We design and engineer custom components right here in Wyoming. We have a complete diesel engine building program with over 100 diesel applications running strong to date. Our performance engines range from average 500 HP street cruisers to full blown 4000 + HP track applications. We proudly support top qualifiers in multiple racing fields and organization

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Contact Us

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Wyoming Performance

449 N Lennox St, Casper, Wyoming 82601, United States

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